Cultist Simulator will launch on Android on April 2nd

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Cultist Simulator, which released on PC last year, is designed by Alexis Kennedy, creator of Fallen London and Sunless Sea. Like those games, it’s fascinating stuff, but not an easy game to categorise – although, at a push, I guess you could call it a card-based, narrative-driven survival strategy rogue-like adventure of unfathomable horrors. Maybe.

The general idea is that, each game, you select your character’s humble origins – from put-upon detective or harried physician to exotic dancer or care-free socialite with an artistic streak – then, while still juggling your everyday responsibilities, must delve into the occult.

Eventually, through focussed dreaming and scheming, you’ll establish your own cult and maybe even usher in a new age. Cultist Simulator’s mobile version has been developed by Playdigious, and will cost $6.99 USD (a UK price is yet to be revealed). Pre-registration, for those keen on that sort of thing, is open on the Google Play Store now.

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