Creative Destruction - Holey Battle

Creative Destruction gets Bigger and Better thanks to Holey Battle Mode

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Creative Destruction is a game from Titan Studio. It is a survival sandbox game whose main draw is fully destructible environments. In fact, the game is focused mainly on destruction. You are to destroy whatever you see. If you can see it, then you can almost certainly destroy it. You even get to destroy other players too.

In Creative Destruction, you face up to 100 players in an epic battle to the death. The battle takes place in huge 4km by 4km maps. You can face all the other players solo or you can team up with other users.

Creative Destruction: Holey Battle mode

Creative Destruction has just received a huge update that makes it more fun to wreak havoc in its fully destructible environments. The update includes a new mode called “Holey Battle”. Holey Battle lets you access hidden caverns via beams of light that radiate through the map’s surface. These caverns are actually easy to find.

Creative Destruction

The game now also includes a “Fortune Strike” campaign. This includes a secret destructor called “Lava Hammer”. It can be found in the caverns. The Lava Hammer comes with several benefits including a decreased chance of getting shot.

Creative Destruction has already been downloaded 20 million times globally. This means that you will likely not face a shortage of players.

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