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Construction Simulator 3 Will Be Released In 2019

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The Construction Simulator series started with the release of the original Construction Simulator game in 2014. Soon after that, the game got its sequel, Construction Simulator 2. This second part of the series improved very much on the original 2014 game, giving the series a whole new color.

Now, we are expecting Construction Simulator 3, and a press release from Astragon has shown that the release of this installment is on the way.

Construction Simulator 3: Gameplay

The aim of the player in Construction Simulator 3 is to grow a construction business. As the name implies, it is simply a construction simulation game. As a player, you will take up the role of the boss of a small construction company. You will be expected to grow the business across 70 distinct stages covering every facet of the construction industry. By the time you get to the end of the game, you would have become a seasoned construction professional running a large business conglomerate.

As seen in the previous Construction Simulator games, there are licensed vehicles which play a huge role in making the whole gameplay seem very authentic.

Astragon revealed that Construction Simulator 3 will come with many new features as well as a new European setting. Many of the giants of the industry in previous versions will be back, brands such as Caterpillar, MAN, ATLAS, Liebherr, Bell, Palfinger, and MEILLER Kipper. These will be joined by other notable brands such as WIRTGEN, Bobcat, VOGELE, BOMAG, CASE, and HAMM.

Construction Simulator 3 Release Date

Astragon has not yet revealed an official date for the release of this game but has predicted that it will hit the virtual shelves in the first half of 2019. This is not definite, as it may mean January or June or anywhere in-between. All we can do right now is wait.

Update: Construction Simulator 3 was eventually launched in April 2019.

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  1. I’m really hoping that this comes out for Xbox one is there any plan for it to come out for the Xbox one?

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