Chess Rush by Tencent almost set for launch on Google Play

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Tencent has announced Tuesday that they’re “just days away” from releasing their own title, Chess Rush, on mobile, iOS and Android included. Tencent already has multiple hit titles on mobile such as PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor (the global version of Kings of Glory).

It will be exciting to see how this new auto battler game plays on handheld devices. Check out the trailer below:

The general gist of it is that 8 players face off against one another on an 8×8 board, and victory is only achieved once you’ve knocked all 7 rivals out of the race. Matches in the game’s turbo mode are short and fast-paced, lasting only 10 minutes.

The strategy/card-based game will also have a co-op mode which will allow players to invite their friends to fight against other teams from around the world. Be sure to be notified here for updates on the launch.

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