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Last year at GDC, Jared and Eli checked out Foxglove Studios’ upcoming multiplayer strategy game Pocket Cowboys. If you aren’t familiar with Foxglove Studios, they brought us Snipers vs Thieves and The Muscle Hustle. Pocket Cowboys is a collaboration with Triangle Studios and it is multiplayer focussed.

Pocket Cowboys is a class-based strategy game that is real time. It is set in the wild west and has 12 character classes that play out differently. Multiplayer features 4 players and matches go on for 3 minutes to get some bite sized action on the go. At launch, Pocket Cowboys will feature 8 maps, 24 skills, and 14 gear items and sidearms. Check out the GDC gameplay below:

It has an intriguing and innovative mechanic, in that you and your opponent both choose your next move at the same time. Then you’ll witness the results. You might have successfully foiled an attack attempt, been foiled yourself, or literally, nothing happens. That’s the beauty of the game – it’s all so unpredictable. That’s especially true for the early game, where you’re sounding out your opponent. Before you get to that part though, you’ll collect 12 different characters that each have different skills.
If you’re interested in it, you can get Pocket Cowboys for free on the App Store here and Google Play here.

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