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King (the creators of Candy Crush) has launched Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga, a new mobile game for Android and iOS devices. Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga is the second installment in the popular Pet Rescue game franchise, and it is a colorful match‐2 clicker game where players go on an epic puzzle adventure with Fern the Fox to save lost pets and bring them home to safety.

The free-to-play title has new gameplay features like The Pet Home, which lets ‐ a feature that allows you to build, customize, and design a beautiful home for the rescued pets. They can also interact with the pets by feeding, washing or playing with them in exchange for in‐game rewards.

The game has 35 pets and 650 levels available at launch and other new game features include rescue missions for pets of all shapes and sizes, as well as harvesting game modes where players must break blocks, burst bubbles and destroy crates to win the level. You can get the game here.

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