Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile looks solid according to this New Gameplay video

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Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile beta has been released in China, and fans of Call of Duty in other countries are really looking forward to the global release of the game. Tencent has however limited it to the Chinese market for now.

If the latest gameplay video of the game is anything to go by, then it is indeed a solid mobile game. The video shows that Call of Duty Mobile may actually be the real deal when it comes to mobile gaming.

Of course, some photos have been gotten in the past, but this video reveals much more than those photos. The mobile game appears to feature popular weapons and maps from previous entries in the series. In fact, the video reveals a popular Modern Warfare map.

The gameplay shows it to be very much like an uncompromised version of the game. It has simple touch controls and an excellent visual with high-quality graphics. Here’s how you can enjoy the highest graphics quality on Android games.

One of the apparent drawbacks though, is that the gameplay buttons are many and could get a bit confusing. However, it is still a mobile game whose global launch we look forward to very soon.

If you are wondering what it would feel like to play a tense shooter like Call of Duty on mobile, just remember the work Epic has done with Fortnite on mobile.

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