Bulb boy now on Google Play for 1 dollar

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If you’re not familiar with Bulb Boy you’re in for a treat. Unless you don’t like disturbing or unnerving games, in which case you’re in for a nightmare.

The game has already been on on PC and mobile, and now the Switch version has come to light. But how does it stand up to its predecessors when you can’t use a mouse or a touch screen?

Bulb Boy is a stylistic point-and-click horror game which takes the already strange and makes it stranger. Bathed in a wash of glowing green and blackened shadows, our little bulb-headed protagonist has to scour his house, defy the demons that now reside in it, and find his beloved Grandpa and Mothdog.

You play as the eponymous hero who wakes up from a nightmare only to realise that the entire world has turned into a nightmare.

The darkly comic point and click adventure Bulb Boy is on sale for a dollar right now on Google Play, which is an absolute steal.

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