Brown Dust

Brown Dust is a new Gacha RPG for Android

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Brown Dust

Gacha games keep gaining popularity in the mobile world, especially among Chinese and Korean companies. Now, we see a new gacha game almost every week.

Brown Dust is a new anime gacha RPG that is now available on Android. The game includes 300 heroes to collect and turn-based combat. It also features a grid-based movement.

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For gamers who love games with lots of levels, you will definitely love Brown Dust with its story mode that features up to 800 different levels. It comes with dungeons that you can explore for component upgrades.

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Also, for lovers of multiplayer games, Brown Dust has a PvP feature in which you can compete against your friends. The game also offers you the option of joining a grid or creating one. You can choose to fight enemy guilds.

Seems like fun? Head on over to Google Play right now to grab the Brown Dust.

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