Bring You Home is now available on Google Play

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Bring You Home is a puzzle adventure experience telling the tale of Polo who is trying to rescue his alien pet. The art is lush as expected and this looks to be a lovely family-friendly adventure that has some puzzles as well.

In each level, you have as much time as you want to arrange the panels before you press Play to see them, well, play out. As you make your way through the game’s forty-seven unique levels, the mechanics are mixed up a bit to keep things fresh.

At first, you can only swipe downwards to change the panel, but soon enough you’ll be able to swap panels side-to-side. And of course, the two mechanics get combined for even more challenge and mayhem, allowing you to move them both horizontally and vertically.

Later, you’ll have multi-step puzzles that let you pause after the first section and then make another change. You can get this game on
 Google Play

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