Brave Order is a new RPG available on Google Play

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Brave Order is a brand new mobile strategy game that challenges you to create your own army, place your units in a formation, and take on opposing armies in a wide variety of battles. Along the way, you’ll pick up new heroes, troops, and a bunch of resources that let you level up and upgrade everything.

You’ll spend most of your time battling through identikit levels, which try and trick you into thinking there’s any real strategy. You’ll place your units and heroes into a formation then send them off into battle against the opposition.

Before a battle begins, you can place your heroes and units anywhere on your Chess-like grid. When the battle begins, your units will move forward and attack the first enemies they encounter, and the same goes for your enemies. It makes sense then, to place your frontline soldiers in front of the backline like archers and mages so the enemy can’t reach them.

You’ll earn experience that you can apply between battles to level up your heroes, improving their statistics. Check to see if you can level up your heroes between battles to keep them growing in power. You can get it on Google Play.

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