Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Bomb Defusing Party Game ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’ Coming soon to Android

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In Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, one person acts as the “Defuser” and is tasked with defusing a bomb by snipping wires, inputting codes, and generally solving little puzzle-like elements on a procedurally generated bomb. The other players who are playing all have access to a Bomb Manual with instructions on how to solve these various puzzles, but they can’t see the actual bomb.

The trick is to try and talk the Defuser through how to defuse the bomb while the time is ticking down, and if you’ve ever played the classic Space Team or Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator you can probably imagine the frantic shouting match that this can devolve into. If you haven’t seen the award-winning mega-hit VR game on PlayStation, watch this trailer.

Following its popularity on desktop and consoles as a VR game, Keep Talking also made its way to the Nintendo Switch last year and along with that launch it ditched the requirement to play in VR on other platforms too. With that, now the game is making its way to both iOS and Android. What was great about the VR version of the game was that only the Defuser could see the bomb, which is kind of required for the game to work. there is no info on the release date yet, but we all can’t wait for the awesome game to hit the mobile space.

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