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BlizzCon gets strong backlash from fans over “Diablo Immortal”

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Blizzard Entertainment’s annual gaming convention — BlizzCon sent tremors through the gaming community at their convention. They announced that their next game would be “Diablo Immortal,” a mobile successor to the previous console and PC-based versions.

There was a strong backlash from fans who wanted the next game to share the same platform as its predecessors. Most mobile games rely on a pure swipe or touch-based control schemes, occasionally employing digital controller layouts that attempt to mimic those of consoles. CAS first-year Michael Parola explained that the control scheme needed to play games on a phone severely limits their depth and originality.

“Because of how limiting it is, a lot of games are forced to be relatively simple,” Parola said. “There’s only so many ways you can make a mobile game and a lot of them end up being very similar. Having access to more buttons lets games be more complex.”

Anderson praised mobile games that attempt to do something unique or have some alternative purpose. “I played ‘Pokémon Go’ for a while, but I really liked that because it was a way to help me get outside, see New York and the city and meet people,” He said.

Parola attributed the ongoing trend of mobile games as attempts to replace PC or console experiences to be a result of various gaming companies’ failure to consider criticism. “I think it’s gotten better, but it’s still a long way to go because oftentimes these companies are so disconnected from their consumers,” Parola said.



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