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Blizzard confirms that more ‘Diablo’ games will be announced next year

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After receiving backlash from players over its announcement of mobile game Diablo Immortal, Blizzard confirmed that Diablo fans should look forward to next year.

Blizzard associate community manager Brandy Camel revealed earlier this year that there are multiple Diablo projects in the works and that more information on the upcoming games will be revealed this year.

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But it appears that the timeline to reveal the upcoming Diablo games has changed, according to a post by the development teams on Blizzard’s official forums. It looked like there was a decision to push back the announcements of new Diablo games to 2019, leaving only Diablo Immortal for this year. The message being signed by The Diablo Teams gives an additional indication that there are several Diablo games in development.

action advanture news mobile android game

With the further confirmation that there are multiple Diablo projects happening at the same time at Blizzard, it is very likely that Diablo 4 is on the way, pending an official announcement.

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