Battle royale’s Rules of Survival gets Ultra update

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Rules of Survival, NetEase’s mobile take on the battle royale genre, has always been a major contender for the top spot, thanks to its huge 300-player matches, 8×8 km maps, an impressive selection of weapons and vehicles, and super slick graphics.

And it’s just got a lot better, following the release of the new Ultra version. Rules of Survival Ultra introduces a number of revolutionary upgrades to the playing experience, such as high-definition graphics, improved physics, real-time dynamic lighting effects, and major tweaks to the engine.

There’s a new dynamic weather system, too, and the game world is now subject to constant day/night cycles. Sessions can be played in bright sunshine or midnight drizzle, moody sunset or impenetrable fog.

The effect is to create a more organic, living, breathing world to romp around in as you school noobs with your slick moves (or get schooled by the slick moves of others, because you are yourself a noob).

Download Rules of Survival for free on Google Play (and the App Store)

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