Bananagrams is an awesome board game now available on Google Play

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Bananagrams: The Official Game is the latest board game adaptation from Asmodee Digital. Just like in the physical version, you’ll face off against opponents by forming a succession of words through the use of a shared pool of letters.

To start, any player calls out “SPLIT!” Everyone simultaneously turns their tiles faceup and races to arrange them in their own intersecting word grid… Words must read left to right horizontally, or top to bottom vertically. You may rearrange your grid at any time, and as often as you like.

When the BUNCH is depleted to fewer tiles than the number of players, the first person to use ALL their letters in a connected word grid and call out “BANANAS!” wins that hand and is declared TOP BANANA! Hurry and go get this game for a bargain on Google Play.

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