BallDog! is an addictive Animal hurling Casual Game for Mobile

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Angry Birds may be one of the pioneer of animal catapult games. However, since Angry Birds, there have been more mobile Casual Games with the catapult feature. One of these is BallDog!

BallDog! is a game that involves you propelling a dog in the air as far as you can. The dog is quite spherical and looks happy with the act. We could say that it is fulfilling its potential. Now, if you do not want to use a dog, the game offers you options. There is a store where you can buy a cat, a chicken, a pig, or an alligator.

BallDog! Gameplay

BallDog! is quite an easy game to play. It is well suited for touchscreen devices. All you have to do is pull back on the catapult, adjust it to the right angle, and release it. Your character goes flying in the air.

You can keep your character in the air by holding your finger on the screen. When you do this, you will see a stream of bubbles keeping the character aloft.

However, it is not all rosy. Flying in the air, you will meet obstacles like pointy-beaked birds and floating mines. You will try as much as possible to avoid these obstacles.

BallDog! offers you three lives. Every time you hit an obstacle, you lose a life. It is game over when you lose all three lives.

It is not just obstacles that you get to meet in the air. The game also offers you powerups littering the sky. In addition to these powerups, you can go to the store to buy upgrades for your catapult.

BallDog! has a friend system as well as global and personal leaderboards. This means that going as far as you can is not the only aim of the game. You need to go farther than your friends to overtake them on the friend board.

Does this sound interesting to you? You can get BallDog! for free now on the Google Play Store.

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