Attack on Titan: Tactics

Attack on Titan: Tactics is an RTS Game out now in Japan

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For lovers of Real Time Strategy games, Attack on Titan: Tactics is a brand new RTS game that is based on the hit anime franchise.

This game is generally a tower defence with RTS aspects. You will be required to defend against the Titans by creating your own Scout Regiment team and sending them out to battle.

When studied critically, the gameplay here looks quite like Clash Royale. To stop the onslaught of Titans, you have to place unit cards (based on your favorite characters) on the battlefield.

Season one of the anime series serves as the plot for Attack on Titan: Tactics. However, there are plans to include some season two content later on.

So far, there is a total of 38 of your favorite characters to collect. Each of these characters has something different to offer.

Attack on Titan: Tactics is out right now on Google Play. However, it is currently only available in Japan. The game is expected to launch globally later this year.

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