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Apple announces Apple Arcade, and Google needs to respond if they plan to take Mobile Gaming seriously

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Apple has just announced the Apple Arcade, a subscription service for accessing premium games. What this means is that as an Apple device user, you will be able to download and play hundreds of amazing premium games with a single subscription.

Apple Arcade is set to launch this fall. With this service, all the games you download will be playable on iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple TVs. These games will be available offline, and they will be accessible to up to six different family members. What’s more, they will not feature any ads or in-app purchases!

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade will tend to solve the problem of free-to-play garbage that has almost taken over the App Store since the “demise” of premium games. This subscription service will enable premium games to compete once again.

Now, this is probably amazing news to iOS gamers, but it is definitely extremely bad news for Android gamers; this is considering the fact that Apple Arcade games will be exclusive to Apple Arcade.

As it stands, some games that you are probably looking forward to on Android will eventually not find their way to Android. Already, a number of high-profile future releases have been announced for Apple Arcade. This means that unless something comes up to change the situation, games like Oceanhorn 2, Where Cards Fall, and Beyond a Steel Sky may never come to Android now.

Oceanhorn 2

We really cannot blame the developers for taking that route though. Android games are so notorious for piracy that many developers have to come up with a model that is entirely different, just to release a premium game on the platform. It appears like Android gamers are so against the idea of paying for quality, premium games.

Now, we can only wait to see what Google’s response to this will be. The company recently announced the Google Stadia, but this does not work in the same manner as Apple Arcade. So, that is definitely not the alternative we want to see.

It’s your move, Google. Let us see if you have what it takes to tackle this apparent take-over of the mobile games market by Apple.

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