Android Games Of The Week

Android Games Of The Week

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Many games keep being released in the android gaming world. Here is the list of the android games of the week.

Android Games Of The Week

1. Downwell

Downwell is not a new game, and yet it is a new listing on the Play Store. Up until this past week, the game was still missing in action, but now that a new listing is available, it would appear that dev has finally sorted the issue.

2. SlipStream82 – Hyper Speed Retro Racing

SlipStream82 is a stylish auto-runner themed around the ’80s revival style know as Vaporwave. You can expect bright neon colors and a bumping electronic soundtrack while you race at ever-increasing speeds to see how long your car will last.

3. Five Nights at Freddy’s

A new Five Nights at Freddy’s game was announced recently, this time with a new augmented reality component to make things even spookier. You can pre-register at the official website, which also gives access to a unique Five Nights at Freddy’s Snapchat filter.

4. Smash Deep

Smash Deep is a simple arcade game where you’ll bounce on highlighted squares to remove an entire line of blocks. This is how you progress, and as you advance, these blocks will start to move faster and faster, which brings a good bit of challenge when trying to line up your jumps. 

5. Dragon Overseer

Dragon Overseer is a competitive RPG where you’ll build a deck of maneuvers for your customizable dragon, to then take on opponents in a fight to see whose dragon reigns supreme. Unlike many competitive RPGs on the Play Store, Dragon Overseer isn’t stuffed full of in-app purchases or questionable monetization.

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6. ZigZagged

ZigZagged is a gorgeous title that offers the same auto-runner gameplay we’ve seen time and time again. It is also a fun game, just don’t expect the gameplay to deviate from the competition.

7. Smash Boxing

Smash Boxing is a new boxing game along the lines of Nintendo’s Punch-Out series. You’ll face off against opponents to punch, hook, uppercut, block, and weave your way to success. Fighters can be customized with different boots, gloves, tattoos, and hairstyles.

8. Survivor Mr.Who

Survivor Mr.Who comes from 111%, a developer known for quirky releases. This title is a survival game at its core, which means you’ll spend your time building, crafting, hunting, all while dreaming of escape.

9. Endless Abyss

Endless Abyss is a single-player role-playing card battle game that entered into early access this week. You’ll start out with the default deck, and as you advance, you’ll be able to upgrade and acquire cards to build a powerful team.

10. Mythgard

Mythgard is another collectible card game to arrive on the Play Store this week, which means you can expect deep lore, tactical gameplay, and strategic deck building. You can choose to play solo in 1v1 matches against the AI, and you can also group up for 2v2 matches with a friend.

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