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Calling Alien: Blackout a survival-horror game would be an exaggeration. It’s really more of an objective-based, hide-and-seek puzzle game with a sprinkle of scary tension and stress to push you as you direct your ship’s crew to avoid a rampaging xenomorph using a computer terminal that displays them and their pursuer as dots.

The voice acting is really well done, especially for the main character Amanda Ripley (the daughter of Ellen who also starred in 2014’s Alien: Isolation), and there’s quite a lot more story than you’d expect out of a mobile game, even if it is pretty by-the-numbers without any significant hooks or twists.

Thankfully, everything flows well. Since the Alien can move lightning fast and enter vents to tunnel around the ship, completely invisible, the door trick doesn’t work forever. If the Alien closes in on your location you have to cut power and cause the titular blackout to shut all vent access until it leaves, but the vents re-open automatically so there isn’t much tension. It’s not that tough, and you can likely burn through the entire thing in under two hours.

Alien: Blackout successfully follows the Friday Night at Freddy’s formula with an authentic Alien style, complete with surprisingly well-done voice acting and xenomorph animations when things go wrong. However, once you’ve learned the ropes and figured out how to exploit the alien’s AI it becomes much less interesting, and there’s no reason to revisit it.

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