Aldarix the Battlemage is now out on Google Play

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Aldarix the Battlemage is a turn-based tactical dungeon crawler – or puzzle roguelike – where you defeat your enemies using powerful spells. You’ll slowly make your way around the dungeons, battling enemies by casting a wide variety of spells. There are over 50 handcrafted levels to fight your way through to complete the single player.

The gameplay is based on positioning and spellcasting to create a tactical puzzle hybrid. There is a broad range of spells to master and many diverse enemies to encounter and defeat.
Your mana is limited and deciding how to use it efficiently is essential to being victorious. Mana and life potions can be found throughout the levels and you must plan how to reach your next drink. And place your spells carefully, so you don’t break the bottles!

Key features

  • Turn-based tactical combat.
  • Story mode with 50 handcrafted levels.
  • Survival mode with randomly generated levels and permadeath.

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