Ailment mobile game now available on Google Play

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Ailment mobile game by Beardy Bird Games Company is an action game in a rogue-like style and pixel-art appearance. The project was unsuccessfully funded via Kickstarter but the game is still available for Android and iOS with the hopes of the players helping with feedback. So, still in development, Ailment (Unreleased) mobile game is available if you feel like you want a shot on a very fast-paced rogue.

The gameplay sees you charging around the gloomy red-lit corridors and quarters of your stricken ship, finding weapons, shooting goons, teaming up with friendly NPCs whenever possible, and gradually uncovering the story of how you ended up where you are. There are tons of weapons to collect, and hours of dynamic gameplay. Ailment is a roguelike too, so the stakes are always sky high. 

The game is packed with fun details, such as the brutal death animations, the atmospheric sound effects, and even a few Easter eggs hidden throughout the game. Additionally, in the vast arsenal of weapons, players will have all kinds of toys at their disposal, like rocket launchers, rail guns, plasma rifles, and the whole shebang. The problem is that the enemy, as mentioned, can also use weapons even though they are infected and zombified. However, you do have some utilities like shields and stuff so the fun will be complete. You can get it here on Google Play

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