Dragon Quest set to come to mobile? We think so

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Square Enix has made an announcement of an announcement, as the famous publisher will be holding a live stream on June 3 to reveal an all-new Dragon Quest game, currently in development for mobile platforms.

It will reveal a new Dragon Quest game for smartphones that promises to be a new experience. Dragon Quest series game designer Yuji Horii will be present on the live stream. A few days ago, there was news that Square Enix would have “shocking” news for the franchise in June and it looks like this is related to the mobile game.

Expect this to be free to play because it doesn’t look like Square Enix will do a premium new game in the franchise for mobile as they have done with Final Fantasy. Hopefully, they consider porting the Nintendo DS only Dragon Quest IX at some point or even the 2D version of Dragon Quest XI eventually

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